Stuka Squadron, Tales of the Ost review: The Metal Saloon

Genre: Heavy Metal

Label: Metalbox Recordings
Release date: 13th February 2012
Stuka Squadron’s latest album ‘Tales of the Ost’ I should warn, is not for the faint hearted.  This ‘lucky numbered’ 13 tracked album will give you something to chew on and hard to spit out as is will lure you into its depths with its catchy rhythms, enticing guitar solos and  graphical concepts. Take Iced Earth, Black Sabbath, Alestorm, and maybe one other I cannot put my finger on and mix it all up in a cement mixer- this will be your final product.
The first track to open up is ‘Into the Breach’.  This introduction sets the scene with its spine chilling and grasping lyrics, its bone trembling guitar riffs, and haunting sirens. The second track in the list takes a sudden U turn on the whole mood and direction of the music as it speeds up with its power metal/battle metal feel.
The genre is best described as a violent plane crash into a battle field as this leading band in the “New Wave of Traditional Metal” offers us something new and something old, whilst giving us a strong visual concept of an ancient time. If they were to do a soundtrack for a game/film, Lord of the Rings or Diablo III would quite easily fit the boot.
All in all, ‘Tales of Ost’ is a very well recorded album, great sound, great vibe and after hearing them you will want to see them live!

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