New Iron Knights interview: Destructive Music

It is a time of turbulence right now for the newly createdIRON KNIGHTS [Formally Stuka Squadron] I apologise that this interview does not cover the recent transition but it was written before the change. Regardless, here is my interview with the band. [Luke Hayhurst] Many thanks for taking the time to … Continue reading

9/10 IRON KNIGHTS ‘New Sound Of War’ album review by Phoenix Rising

*Editor’s Note Since this review was written, the band known as Stuka Squadron has had a change of name. The full details of the change and the reasons for it can be found in this press release. The songs remain the same for the album, along with the majority of the band … Continue reading

Stuka Squadron – Band of the Week for Destructive Music

This weeks band of the week is the UK’s own German Vampire fighter pilots (Confused?) STUKA SQUADRON!   So what possible reason(s) could I have for having these nationality confused creatures of the undead as the band of the week? Well for a start their debut album “Tales of the Ost” is simply … Continue reading

Stuka Squadron review by Sonic Abuse

Stuka Squadron play avant-garde, ambient neo-folk with a progressive jazz twist linking them to the Romanian scene… No. No. Let’s start again. With a name like Stuka Squadron you should already have guessed that the band purvey a tightly honed blend of traditional metal. This London-based outfit are heart and … Continue reading

Stuka Squadron playlisted + Interview on The Rock Show, Sunshine Radio FM

21 September 2012 Interview with Baron von Hammerstein + ‘Tell Me Strange Things’ & ‘First Legion’ playlisted on Jeff Collins’ Rock Show, Sunshine Radio FM 106.2FMIN HEREFORDSHIRE   – 107FM and 107.8FM  IN MONMOUTHSHIRE Online at

8.5/10 Live Review for Stuka Squadron at Full Moon Dog Festival, Leeds 13.10.12

STUKA SQUADRON, for those not in the know are an English band who pretend to be German Vampire Stuka pilots. Perfectly natural and normal thing to do that! You might be tempted to ridicule if you have not heard the bands albums or seen them live but once you’ve heard … Continue reading

8.5/10 for Stuka Squadron’s ‘New Sound Of War’ by Destructive Music

I’ve always had a soft spot for theatrical, costume, and character bands, so it’s probably not surprising that Stuka Squadron with their outrageous WWII-German-vampire-air-aces personae won me over the moment I discovered them. And as a proud member of the First Legion Pathfinders, aka those who subscribed to the pledge … Continue reading

4/5 review for Stuka Squadron’s New Sound Of War from

Stuka squadron are a London based band that combine World War 2 Germany with Vampires (seems like an obvious combination really doesnt it). They wear long German miltary leather coats, Iron Crosses, and Luftwaffe caps as well as displaying Vampire fangs to create a striking image. A striking image though … Continue reading