Dangerdog reviews ‘Pillars Of Creation’ (4.5/5)

“For the the fan of classic heavy and power metal, there’s a lot to like about Dendera, and maybe modern metal fans will have some interest as well.” “Dendera’s Pillars Of Creation is classic heavy and power metal, still melodic, but made roaring and rousing for our current times.” 4.5/5 … Continue reading

Metal Gods TV reviews ‘Pillars Of Creation’ (9/10)

“What an outstanding listening experience. The musicianship on display throughout is superb … From Ashley’s mind-blowing vocals, to Stephen and Tony’s genius guitar playing. All made possible by Bradley’s confident bass-play and Andy’s pummelling drums … A rhythm section that works well together as one. Together they have made another … Continue reading

Maximum Volume reviews ‘The Blacklist’ (8.5/10)

“This is muscular stuff. Meaty, heavy and yet accessible. Think Pantera jamming with Orange Goblin over a few beers and after listening to a lot of British Metal and you are in the right area.” “’The Blacklist’ is a superb slab of British Heavy Metal. It’s more than that, though, … Continue reading

Maximum Volume reviews ‘Pillars Of Creation’ (9.5/10)

“Ashley Edison soars with the best of them on the magnificent “In High Tide” which echoes both Dio and Judas Priest as it goes about its stunning business…” “The Portsmouth based five piece, who take their name from a small town in Egypt, have constructed something quite remarkable on this, … Continue reading

Metal To Infinity reviews ‘Pillars Of Creation’ (92/100)

“We can’t deny the fact that Dendera’s debut cut was genteel characterized by a lot of Iron Maiden influences and in fact, there’s nothing wrong with that. Yet I must admit that the new recording called “Pillars Of Creation” has managed to build its own character, the impact of the … Continue reading