Metal Talk reviews ‘The Blacklist’ (4/5)

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“I.C.O.N are a quartet who rely on their mutual love of heavy music and draw on these influences to produce their own heavyweight tracks that rely simply on the musicians skills to play their instruments as hard and heavily as they can.”

“With ‘Devils Blacklist’, “slow” and “heavy” are watch words here. The main guitar riff is reminiscent of the Sabbath classic, ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’, which is joined by Paterson punching out a solid beat during the long intro passage. When the lyrics do finally kick in they’re short and to the point and are accentuated by the guitar riff as the song progresses. This is a true master class in producing a heavy song that takes its time and delivers on all counts, and that why, for me, it’s the best the band have to offer here.”


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