Metal Gods TV reviews ‘The Blacklist’ (9/10)

I.C.O.N The Blacklist (600)“As pointed out by, Get Your Rock Out – SOS Festival, 2013: “Mark Sagar never feels the need for screaming or incomprehensible growling, he delivers with power, not force. He knows how to work a crowd too. Mark Sagar has one of those “I’m at a biker bar” voices. A powerful gritty kind of voice that gets you in the mood to ride, drink, fight, and party.”

“Man of the North starts with swirling winter winds and then comes some great guitar and bass work. The bass line is badass here folks. No lyrics, but a “close your eyes” and feel the music moment. This is a tried and true staple of any band worth their salt. A band is nothing without the proof of their combined talents and sometimes that means even the lead singer has to sit down and respect what carries his voice to the masses.”


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