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Release Date: MONDAY 15 JUNE 2015

I.C.O.N The Blacklist (1400)

‘The Blacklist’ is the long-awaited second album by British metal band I.C.O.N and sees the band deliver a more aggressive, comprehensive representation of what they are about. Years of travelling the length and breadth of the UK have finally culminated in a stable line-up that shares a common vision, as this new album will testify.

Metal Bastards reel: https://youtu.be/ubMtnXl19Fs

Keep an eye on the website for forthcoming album tour dates

I.C.O.N: Mark Sagar – vocals; Scott Knowles – guitar; Reece Bevan – bass; Larry Paterson – drums

‘The Blacklist’ Tracklist

1. A Room In Hell
2. Feeding The Negative
3. Grindin’ Wheel
4. I’m The Venom
5. Welcome To My War
6. Speak To Your God
7. Devil’s Blacklist
8. Wrong Way Back
9. Man Of The North
10. Deconverted
11. Drowning In Their Screams

Following the release of their critically acclaimed debut album ‘New Born Lie’ in 2009, I.C.O.N have consistently gone from strength to strength, continuing to build their fanbase across the UK and mainland Europe.

I.C.O.N have so far shared the stage with Breed77, Blaze Bayley, Warrior Soul, Voodoo Six, Diamond Head, Furyon, Witchfynde, Logan and Zico Chain, amongst many other great rock and metal bands. Their music can be found on the smash PC off road driving game MOTORM4X.

Stunning, exciting live festival appearances, coupled with a strong work ethic, and literally hundreds of live shows have firmly established I.C.O.N as one of the UK’s fastest rising, hardest working, genuine, gritty metal acts.

‘New Born Lie’ has sold consistently well and 2015 will see the release of the much anticipated follow-up album, and a comprehensive touring schedule.


 “The very popular ICON came to the stage to the sound of their name being chanted loud by an at this point exceptionally buzzing crowd, and they did not disappoint.”

Get Your Rock Out – Headbangers Balls, Manchester 2014

 “Mark Sagar never feels the need for screaming or incomprehensible growling, he delivers with power, not force. He knows how to work a crowd too.”

Get Your Rock Out – SOS Festival, 2013

 “Fresh and Vibrant with a sound of their own…There is a very healthy buzz around I.C.O.N”

Powerplay Magazine

 “Full blooded heavy metal”

BBC Stoke

 “You would be hard pushed to find a more hard-working bunch of guys as they continue to get their faces and music out there in the old fashioned way, by gigging like crazy and getting new converts along the way. Musically the band are Heavy Metal in its purest form, as they hammer out riff after riff of bone crunching, head banging Rock that you really can’t sit still to.”

Planet Mosh

“The album ‘NEW BORN LIE’ sets the bar very high for I.C.O.N…”

Firebrand Rock Radio Magazine

“If you like your metal deep and gritty then these are the boys for you!”

Manchester Rocks

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