Review of Dendera’s show with Anvil – Birmingham, 13/7/15

“The Portsmouth based battalion have just released their new “Pillars Of Creation” to rave reviews – not the least of which was on MVM – and they very neatly distill everything that’s ever been great about metal from Dio and Rainbow to Maiden and Sabbath, before stopping to give it … Continue reading

Sonic Abuse reviews Dendera’s ‘Pillars of Creation’

“What sets Dendera apart is that they play classic heavy metal without sounding as if they are playing classic heavy metal. All of the elements are here – screaming solos, sledgehammer riffs, hammer down drumming and melodic vocals, but they’re delivered in such a way, and with such towering authority, … Continue reading

Fireworks Magazine review for Dendera’s ‘Pillars of Creation’

“I’ve seen Dendera many times and I promise you that it is extraordinary to see the quality of a true stadium band in clubs and bars. ‘…Floor’ was a remarkable debut album and ‘Pillars Of Creation’ seals the promise in style.” Issue 70, July/August 2015. On sale now

Review for Dendera’s ‘Pillars of Creation’ on Encyclopedia Metallum

“The band have clearly carved their own path into heavy metal and I’m sure will continue to craft more neck-breaking riffs, finger-shredding fretwork and sing-along choruses. With a generally darker tone than their debut, fantastic artwork, riffs to die for, memorable anthems and the true spirit of metal just oozing … Continue reading

Powerplay magazine reviews ‘Pillars Of Creation’ (9/10)

The July issue of Powerplay features a review of Dendera’s ‘Pillars Of Creation’: “…easily the most impressive pure heavy metal band to come out of the UK in recent memory … Dendera have more to them than meets the eye and have proven that we should make no assumptions of … Continue reading