9/10 review of ‘Pillars of Creation’

“The overall structure and development of catchy yet thick and grooving crushers like “Disillusioned” and “Bloodlust” definitely have a fair bit of Iron Maiden melodic guitar and vocal hooks and an upbeat, Judas Priest brand of speed metal influence to them, but are painted over with a dark gloss that … Continue reading

Review of Dendera’s show with Anvil – London 12.07.15

“Dendera are a five piece band comprising of Ashley Edison  –(vocals), Stephen Main and David Stanton -(guitars), Bradley Edison –(bass) and Andy Finch –(drums). They played a forty-five minute set and put in a sterling performance with their more traditional style of heavy metal with a vocal very similar to … Continue reading

Review of Dendera’s show with Anvil (Glasgow 15.07.15)

“Tonight’s set was very much biased towards their new album Pillars of Creation which I’m just starting to get into. What I can definitely say is that seeing the band perform this new material live adds that extra layer of appreciation for an album that’s really growing on me….Fists were raised, … Continue reading