‘The Blacklist’ album review

“Heavy Metal, as if imported from the 80ies and spiced with fresh ingredients, without bowing to a sub groupings‘ dictates.” “…I.C.O.N’s music is a synergy from traditional ideas and new energy and out comes – Heavy Metal. Hell, yeah!” With thanks to Polyprisma. Check out the full review, both in English and … Continue reading

9/10 review of ‘Pillars of Creation’

“The overall structure and development of catchy yet thick and grooving crushers like “Disillusioned” and “Bloodlust” definitely have a fair bit of Iron Maiden melodic guitar and vocal hooks and an upbeat, Judas Priest brand of speed metal influence to them, but are painted over with a dark gloss that … Continue reading

The Musical Outcast reviews ‘Drowning In Their Screams’

“Drowning In Their Screams is taken from the band’s current album The Blacklist and it’s an absolute brute of a track. The heavy thundering rhythms on display here are a reminder of everything that drew me towards heavy metal all of those years ago. The track is just relentless and … Continue reading