I.C.O.N – Live review from Le Forum, Vaureal, France

I.C.O.N as Special Guests of Operation: Mindcrime in Europe and the UK 18 December 2015 – Le Forum, Vaureal, France “Le groupe bénéficie d’une certaine prestance sur scène à l’image du guitariste qui fait doucement penser à Zakk Wylde.” With thanks to Music Waves for the review and photos. Check out the … Continue reading

‘The Blacklist’ album review

“Heavy Metal, as if imported from the 80ies and spiced with fresh ingredients, without bowing to a sub groupings‘ dictates.” “…I.C.O.N’s music is a synergy from traditional ideas and new energy and out comes – Heavy Metal. Hell, yeah!” With thanks to Polyprisma. Check out the full review, both in English and … Continue reading