Review of I.C.O.N’s show with Breed 77 (Get Your Rock Out)

“The new material was menacing, full of anger and dripping with dark venom; Mark Sager was on top form, spitting out aggressive growls, moving around the stage like a pro. The combination of both lead and bass from Scott Knowles and Reece Bevan just bled thunderous riffs and vibes with … Continue reading

Metal Talk reviews ‘The Blacklist’ (4/5)

“I.C.O.N are a quartet who rely on their mutual love of heavy music and draw on these influences to produce their own heavyweight tracks that rely simply on the musicians skills to play their instruments as hard and heavily as they can.” “With ‘Devils Blacklist’, “slow” and “heavy” are watch … Continue reading

Metal To Infinity, Belgium reviews ‘The Blacklist’ (86/100)

“Their mind is black, pitch black, and their vision is even beyond. This is dark material, this is the worst a man can encounter and they are ready to welcome you and guide you through your own nightmare.” “This is pure Heavy Metal with outstanding guitar riffs, and this must-have … Continue reading

First review of I.C.O.N’s ‘The Blacklist’

“Again, some of the lyrics briefly return to the focus/emphasis of ‘New Born Lie’, but it’s clear that ‘The Blacklist’ builds on and moves forward from that point, with more complex ideas, lyrics and general inspirations, reflected in each of the new songs. A fresh, heavier, more polished and accomplished and … Continue reading

I.C.O.N album release announced

Metalbox Recordings is very pleased to announce its next release: I.C.O.N  ‘THE BLACKLIST’ Release Date: MONDAY 15 JUNE 2015 ‘The Blacklist’ is the long-awaited second album by British metal band I.C.O.N and sees the band deliver a more aggressive, comprehensive representation of what they are about. Years of travelling the … Continue reading