The Musical Outcast reviews ‘Drowning In Their Screams’

“Drowning In Their Screams is taken from the band’s current album The Blacklist and it’s an absolute brute of a track. The heavy thundering rhythms on display here are a reminder of everything that drew me towards heavy metal all of those years ago. The track is just relentless and … Continue reading

I.C.O.N to support Operation: Mindcrime in Europe and the UK

  British metallers I.C.O.N are confirmed to support Operation: Mindcrime, the new musical project fronted by Geoff Tate, in Europe and the UK from 1st – 18th December 2015. This part of Operation: Mindcrime’s tour includes Slovakia, Italy, Germany, England, Austria, Switzerland, and France, and will see I.C.O.N branch out into … Continue reading

TBFM reviews I.C.O.N’s ‘The Blacklist’ (4/5)

  “He’s got a grizzled set of pipes that speaks of seedy bars and biker joints and he gives this music a filthy, hardened edge…There’s no ballads, no breakdowns and no concessions to anything even remotely mainstream. This is just old-fashioned, meat and potatoes metal…” 4/5 Check out the full … Continue reading

Review of I.C.O.N’s show with Anvil – London 12.07.15

“I.C.O.N are a four piece band from Lancashire who play gritty heavy metal with some dirty riffs. They are led by Mark Sagar -(vocals) with Scott Knowles –(guitar) , Reece Bevan –(bass) and  Larry Paterson – (drums). They opened the evening with a half hour set and gave a no … Continue reading

5/5 review of I.C.O.N’s set at Wildfire Festival, Scotland

“Saturday night headliners on the second stage was justifiably I.C.O.N – a heavyweight addition to the bill…There were no fancy intro effects as the band’s stage time drew up, they just strode defiantly onto the stage and without any fuss dived headlong into their set.” 5/5 Read the full review … Continue reading