3.5/5 Stuka Squadron – Tales of the Ost. Review by Stormbringer

“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few” Sagte einst Winston Churchill, ganz genau am 20. August 1940, und meinte die Piloten der Royal Air Force, die sich im Kampf um die Lufthoheit über Großbritannien gegen die deutsche Luftwaffe befanden, schließlich … Continue reading

7.5/10 for Inmoria – Review by Metal Express

Sweden’s Inmoria went through a line-up change that brought them a new singer:  Artillery‘s powerful voice and throat, the Danish Sören Nico Adamsen.  After two years since Invisible Wounds,Inmoria has come up with their sophomore release A Farewell To Nothing: The Diary Part 1.  As is indicative from the title, this album is only the beginning … Continue reading